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Bobby Ziady
Owner / FAA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot

Born and raised in the USA in South Florida, Bobby has more than 15 years experience in professional photography and video production. As technology has evolved, his interests and passion in photography and videography have also evolved.


Bobby's interest in expanding his portfolio to include an aerial focus began when he realized that drones could enhance his and others' passions in life. He started to capture footage of hobbies, travel destinations, and everyday landmarks/milestones that soon sparked the thought: How could drones benefit my career and the community and businesses around me? After extensive research and diligent networking, Bobby found that many commercial industries would benefit from the use of aerial photography, videography, and data collection for their services, bringing to life BZ Aerial.

About BZ Aerial

BZ Aerial provides professional aerial and ground-based photography and video production services, as well as data collection all over the United States, although we are based in Florida. Our remote pilots are Part 107 certified by the FAA. We carry many additional airspace authorizations that allow us to operate legally and commercially inside controlled airspace near airports (every airport in the state of Florida), day and night. We are fully insured by Global Aerospace in liability; however, our safety-first mentality and preparation has allowed us to say proudly that we have not had to make a claim in the approximate 4 years we've been in business. We specialize in data collection, promotional videos, real estate marketing, editing, yacht marketing, powerline inspections, cell tower inspections, roof inspections, maps for construction site progress, action water sports events, landscape photography, and more.  

Part 107 certified by the FAA, and we have obtained additional airspace authorizations from every airport in Florida that allows us to operate legally within controlled airspace throughout Florida, day and night!

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Phone: (954) 856-9540

Email:  info@bzaerial.com 


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BZ Aerial, LLC | Ph:(954) 856-9540 |Email: info@bzaerial.com

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